Welcome to Ayrshire Drum Lessons

  Learn drums in the heart of the Ayrshire at my farm based studio near Stewarton.

6 Thornhill20150410_1229175 Thornhill

As well as my teaching practice in Glasgow I am now offering lessons to my neighbours in Ayrshire.

” I think that lessons with [Ben] have helped me be a lot more creative with playing drums and playing music in general. I am glad I choose these lessons over curriculum-based school lessons. [He} offer[s] a lot of help and choice in the sort of playing I want to do as well as introducing me to things I would never have gotten to play.” – Paul Braide

Drumming has always been a passion of mine. I have been teaching drums now for nearly a decade and have lots of experience teaching everyone from young beginners through to experienced drummers. I specialise in recognising each pupil’s individual learning needs and will tailor your lessons to suit your style of learning. Practice facilities are also available for all my students. See the tabs above for more info.

Please call or email for details or use the contact form to get in touch.

Call Ben on : 07981 336 316 / bgmrhythms@gmail.com

An introduction to drumming course is available (5 weeks) to individuals or small groups. Prices range from £130 for individuals through to £300 for a maximum group size of 3.

 1 Thornhil3 Thornhill

Secure parking available at Thornhill drum studio.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Ayrshire Drum Lessons

    • Hi John,
      Yes I do use reading skills in my lessons although I like to use an approach that encourages creativity so rather than just giving out set reading parts for drums I will use reading to underline creative and improvisational approaches to learning drums.
      The amount of reading also depends on the age of the pupil and their preferred learning style. If you want to talk more you can email me bgmrhythms@gmail.com


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